Friday Church: 2/19/10 #SundaySetlists

Part of The Worship Community’s #SundaySetlists.

Our Friday night motel outreach functions just as any other church.  We may differ in this:  the children and adults are together for a psalm reading, worship, and the memory verse.

Here is the set in A:

When I Think About the Lord
James Huey (c) 1998 CFN Music CCLI #2834496
May Your Love Send Me
Danny Donnelly (c) 2007
Children Of The Living God
Fernando Ortega (c) 1996 Metro One  CCLI #2069618
I’m Sustained
Darren McDonald
Jesus Come
© Evan Wickham/Calvin Nowell
Revelation Song
(c) 2004 Jennie Lee Riddle/Gateway CCLI #4447960
We went late and I ended up only using three of the songs.  I was blessed to have Nicole sing with me.

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